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Artist Bio

Ashley Ellis, Visual Artist

Ashley Ellis, a native of Wisconsin, boasts an artistic journey spanning over two decades. With a formal education in both painting and sculpture, Ashley made a pivotal transition to the captivating world of encaustics more than a decade ago.

Self-taught in the intricate art of encaustics, Ashley has garnered a devoted following of collectors and clients who eagerly acquire her work or commission bespoke pieces. Beyond her personal creative journey, she recognized a compelling need to share her profound passion for this medium with other inquisitive artists, ranging from novices to seasoned professionals.

Beginning humbly, Ashley initiated a series of workshops and demonstrations that swiftly garnered overwhelming demand. Her encaustic classes have become a sought-after experience, attracting adult artists from across the continental United States. Her instructional talents extend beyond encaustics, encompassing various artistic disciplines and age groups, from corporate events and retreats to children's art parties, workshops, home painting gatherings, and enlightening demonstrations. In addition to her teaching endeavors, Ashley has been entrusted with the responsibility of adjudicating art shows and providing invaluable art critiques for esteemed local professional artist organizations.

Ashley considers it a profound honor to connect with artists of diverse backgrounds and ages, igniting their innate creative desires through the medium of art. Witnessing the evolution of her students, many of whom have ventured into the realm of numerous remarkable artistic mediums, fills her with exhilaration. The exhibitions and works produced by her past students stand as a testament to the profound impact she has had on fostering their artistic journeys.


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