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Artist Statement

Wisconsin Visual Artist Ashley Ellis working on encaustic painting in her home studio

"I approach my artistic practice with an intuitive sensibility, crafting works that serve as reflections of my inner dialogue and personal interests. My creative mind is in a perpetual state of motion, ceaselessly engrossed in the intricate interplay of various stimuli: the graceful cadence of human movement, the harmonious dance between contrasting hues, those poignant musical moments that stir profound emotions, the transformative influence of light upon colors, and the enduring allure of object patinas. My artistry is deeply rooted in an affection for the organic textures and palettes found in the natural world.

One of the most exhilarating aspects of the artistic journey is confronting the blank canvas, akin to the initial encounter with a new acquaintance. Just as in a burgeoning relationship, this process involves a reciprocal exchange, a profound conversation that unfolds over time. What distinguishes encaustic as an artistic medium is its remarkable ability to actively engage in this dialogue, unhesitatingly responding to every gesture laid upon its surface. This dynamic interaction manifests itself in the natural evolution of the work.

Encaustic art possesses a unique sensuality that beckons viewers, drawing them into a richly layered world of ideas and emotions. Every facet of the encaustic medium stimulates my creative spirit, from the tactile allure of textures to the meticulous process itself. The scent of beeswax permeating the studio, the chromatic tapestry of the artwork, the intricate composition of the whole, and the entrancing depth of its translucent layers all contribute to the organic luminosity that defines my creative process. Working with encaustics is a stimulating and involving journey, marked by the exhilaration of continuous exploration and the artistic challenges that come with it."

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