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C.I.T.C. Program 

The Create In The Classroom program is a partnership with schools to offer after school art enrichment. As a result of ongoing budget cuts, many schools have had to reduce or in some cases eliminate art programs entirely from their curriculum. However we all know how vital art is to our children's education and overall health and happiness! ​ 

The Create In The Classroom program helps bridge that gap giving schools the opportunity to offer an art program to their families at no cost to the school. CITC Ambassadors receive special training including a background check to work with children. 

It's all the fun of a paint party with some learning snuck in (but shhh… don’t tell them that!)


  • School earns 10% of each event!

  • No-cost and no-hassle art program; we provide all marketing material, manage registration and payment, and take care of all set-up and clean-up!

  • Parents appreciate having a fun and affordable after school activity to enrich their children!

Want to bring Create In The Classroom to your school? Send me a message and let me know!

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