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The "Encaustic Mixed Media - 4x4 Gold Collection" by visual artist Ashley Ellis invites you to embark on a captivating journey into the realm of miniature artistry.
This exquisite series showcases a fusion of encaustic, gold foil, and pigment powders, resulting in a dazzling array of small-scale masterpieces.

Each piece in this collection unveils a microcosm of creativity, where layers of encaustic wax are meticulously crafted into miniature worlds.

The inspiration behind this choice of materials can be traced to the timeless allure of precious metals. Gold, with its radiant elegance and symbolic richness, serves as a powerful muse. In these artworks, it symbolizes the enduring allure of beauty and the timeless essence of art itself.

As Ashley Ellis delicately layers these materials, she invites you to explore the infinite possibilities within these 4x4 inch panels framed in a 6" x 6" frame.

The "Encaustic Mixed Media - 4x4 Gold Collection" is an invitation to step into the world of collecting original fine art, offering a perfect introduction to the magic of artistry and storytelling encapsulated within the confines of a miniature masterpiece. Each piece whispers a narrative of timeless allure, where tradition meets innovation, and beauty meets brilliance.

4x4 Gold Collection (Continued) - Encaustic Mixed Media

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