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The "Boho Leaf Dreamscape - Encaustic Mixed Media Collection" is not just a collection of art; it's an invitation to connect with the natural world on a profound level. Ashley Ellis's artistry invites you to explore the intricate details and hidden stories within each leaf, to find solace in the calming color palette, and to be inspired by the enduring beauty of nature.

The choice of materials for this collection draws inspiration from the bohemian spirit and the serene tranquility of nature. The white, teal, and green color palette reflects the calming and harmonious qualities of nature. These colors evoke a sense of serenity, balance, and connection to the earth, making each piece a soothing oasis for the soul.

Encaustic Mixed Media on Panel
Framed in 8"x12" Panel

The pieces in this collection are adorned in the soothing hues of white, teal, and green, creating a mesmerizing visual experience.


Boho Leaf #13 (Part of a Boho Leaf Dreamscape Collection)

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