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The encaustic medium, with its tactile depth and luminosity, complements the gold foil beautifully, creating a mesmerizing interplay of texture and light. The addition of pigment powders introduces a spectrum of colors, adding depth and complexity to these diminutive yet enchanting worlds.

Title: Fall #22 (New Series) 
Size: 8"x12" Encaustic Mixed Media on Panel
Depth: 1 " Panel - Some areas of surface have more depth due to encaustic texture of Painting

Each piece in this collection unveils a microcosm of creativity, where layers of encaustic wax are meticulously crafted into miniature worlds. The allure of these works lies in their harmonious blend of tradition and innovation, with encaustic, an ancient wax-based painting technique, paired with the luxurious shimmer of gold foil.

"Fall #22" (Encaustic Mixed Media On Panel)

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