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Celebrate Fall with My Art DESTASH DAYS SALE - Affordable Art Finds Await!"

Updated: Oct 8, 2023

🍂 Falltime is Here, and So is my Online Destash Art Sale! 🍂

The leaves are turning, there's a crispness in the air, and it's the perfect time to infuse your home with the warmth of art. And guess what? I've got something extraordinary in store for you this fall - the DESTASH DAYS SALE! 🎨🏡 Check back daily for coupon code of the day!

Are you an art enthusiast, or do you simply adore handmade treasures? Do you appreciate the beauty and creativity that unique artworks bring into your life? Are you on the hunt for handcrafted gems to adorn your home or give as thoughtful gifts this upcoming season? Well, you're in for a treat because this event is designed with buyers just like you in mind. 🛋️✨

Why You'll Love It:

  • One-of-a-Kind Art: Prepare to be captivated by exclusive art pieces, each with its own enchanting story woven into brushstrokes, colors, and textures.

  • Budget-Friendly: Art doesn't have to break the bank! Our online art sale features prices ranging from $5 to $200, ensuring there's something that fits your budget, whether you're a seasoned collector or a budding art lover. 🖼️💰

Support Local Artists: Your purchase is more than just a transaction; it's a vote of confidence in the incredible talent right here in Central Wisconsin. Our featured artist, Ashley Ellis, pours heart and soul into each creation, and your support means the world. 🤝🎨

  • Easy Online Shopping: Bid farewell to the hustle and bustle of in-person art events! Our user-friendly online platform allows you to explore and acquire unique art pieces from the comfort of your cozy couch. 🛋️💻

  • Detailed Product Info: I believe in transparency and making informed decisions. You'll find clear descriptions and high-quality images to help you choose the perfect art piece for your space. 📸📝

  • Local Public Pickup: For your convenience, we've arranged multiple public pickup locations, ensuring you can collect your cherished art pieces with ease. 📍

  • Shipping Convenience: Can't make it to a pickup location? No worries! We've got affordable shipping options, so you can enjoy your art stress-free. 📦🏡


  • Day 1: Kid's Painting Kit Extravaganza

Promotion: Acrylic Kid's Painting Kits, originally priced at $8 each, are now available for just $5 each.

Nurture your child's creativity with our fun and affordable painting kits designed just for kids. Coupon Code: KIDKIT

Day 2: Acrylic on Canvas Paintings

Promotion: Acrylic on Canvas Paintings (11x14) originally priced at $40 are now just $10 each. Acrylic on Canvas Paintings (8x10), normally $20, are now only $5 each.

Dive into the world of stunning acrylic paintings and bring home your favorite masterpieces at unbeatable prices. Coupon Code: 1023FIFTY

Day 3: Watercolor Wonderland

Promotion: Watercolor Painting Kits for only $5 each. Buy 4 get 1 FREE (While Supplies Last)

Explore the enchanting world of watercolors and create beautiful, ethereal artworks with our kits.

Coupon Code: WATERWON

Day 4: Tumbler Treats

Promotion: Tumblers, usually priced at $30 each, are now an incredible steal at just $10 each.

Sip in style with our trendy tumblers, each a work of art that's both practical and aesthetic. Coupon Code: TUMDEAL

Day 5: Art Supplies Galore

Promotion: In-stock art supplies at discounted prices. Prices vary by product.

Stock up on essential art supplies at unbeatable prices, and fuel your creative journey. Coupon Code: ATCOST

Day 6: Coaster Collection

Promotion: Tile Coaster Sets available for just $10 each.

Elevate your home decor with our exquisite tile coaster sets, now available at an amazing price. Coupon Code: SET10

Day 7: Encaustic Elegance

Promotion: Encaustic Paintings at prices too good to resist. Prices vary by painting. 40% off Gallery Prices!!! YAY

Discover the mesmerizing world of encaustic art and adorn your space with unique encaustic paintings.

Coupon Code: DESTASH

  • Day 8: Surprise Sale

Promotion: Stay tuned for a surprise sale featuring a mix of your favorite products.

Don't miss out on this surprise sale with fantastic deals on a variety of art treasures.

Coupon Code: SUPERDEAL

I've carefully curated these promotions to offer you a diverse range of art products and original fine art, ensuring there's something to inspire everyone during the first 8 days of our art sale. I can't wait to share this artistic journey with you. 🎉🎨

So, mark your calendars, set your alarms, and invite your friends! Let's explore the world of unique art pieces together at My October Online Destash Art Sale! Don't miss out on the opportunity to infuse your life with a touch of creativity this fall. 🍂✨

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