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Contemplating An Art Supply Subscription Box Again

Many years ago I payed for two years worth of an art supply subscription. I was very pleased with the subscription. I was introduced to so many NEW and different supplies then I would have ever come in contact on my own. It forced me out of my lane of knowledge and really cracked open my creativity in dry spells. I am contemplating if I should reinvigorate my art again by purchasing another subscription box. Do you currently subscribe to a subscription box? What are the pros and cons of the subscriptions you have experience with? My experience was with ArtSnacks and I loved it. I noticed they added a larger monthly box since I was a customer. Do any of you have experience with the larger box or specialty box?

I do enjoy the idea of being able to demo and share my experience in how I can incorporate many new supplies into my own body of work and my mixed media art classes.

Interested in a $5 off coupon for your first order at ArtSnacks? Try it for yourself!! To accept feel free to use my referral link below:

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