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Exploring Encaustics: A Two-Day Workshop in July 2023

Have you ever been captivated by the rich, textured beauty of encaustic art? If so, you were in for a treat at the two-day Encaustic Workshop led by the talented artist and instructor, Ashley Ellis, on July 8th and 9th, 2023. This immersive workshop took participants on a journey into the ancient art of encaustics, unlocking the versatile possibilities of this medium. From basic techniques to more advanced projects, this event had something for everyone, whether you were a beginner or an experienced artist looking to expand your horizons.

Getting Started: A Creative Adventure

The workshop began promptly at 10 am on both days, delving into the world of encaustics. Ashley Ellis provided a comprehensive overview, covering the history and safety aspects of working with this unique medium. Participants were introduced to the fundamental techniques that form the foundation of encaustic art. From melting pigmented beeswax to manipulating it on various substrates, everyone got hands-on experience during the initial sessions.

Projects that Sparked Imagination

Throughout the two days, attendees had the opportunity to work on a series of exciting projects:

  1. Introduction to Basic Techniques: Participants started with a beginner-friendly project to grasp the essentials of encaustic art.

  2. Image Transfer: The second project focused on image transfer techniques, allowing artists to incorporate photographs and images into their creations.

  3. Collage, Texturing, and Excavating: In this project, participants explored the possibilities of collage, texturing, and excavating techniques, enhancing the depth and texture of their pieces.

  4. Shellac Burn: A truly mesmerizing project involved using shellac to create stunning effects on encaustic surfaces.

  5. Mono Printing: The workshop wrapped up with an exploration of mono printing using encaustic, adding another dimension to participants' skillsets.

The Importance of Recommended Art Supplies

One crucial aspect of the Encaustic Workshop was the use of recommended art supplies. The $40 Materials Fee, added to the registration cost, ensured that participants had access to high-quality consumables and encaustic substrates. This fee covered approximately five substrates, ensuring that each attendee had ample materials to create their art pieces.

Using recommended supplies not only guarantees the best results but also enhances the safety of working with encaustics. Encaustic art involves working with molten wax, which requires specific materials to ensure a smooth and safe creative process. By providing these materials, Ashley Ellis ensured that participants had everything they needed to bring their artistic visions to life. * List of Recommended Supplies: (Does include affiliate links that add no extra cost to you but help me to keep instructing and offering quality content)

A Personalized Experience

Ashley encouraged participants to bring their own artistic elements, sketches, and ideas to personalize their encaustic creations. This added layer of individuality allowed attendees to infuse their art with their unique "flavor." Whether it was organic materials, specialty paper, or foils, these personal touches transformed each piece into a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

What's Next?

The two-day workshop was an immersive experience in the world of encaustic art. Day one laid the foundation with essential techniques and safety guidelines, while day two provided the time and space for participants to apply their newfound knowledge. Ashley Ellis was on hand throughout the second day to offer guidance, creative problem-solving, and encouragement as attendees brought their artistic visions to life.

In conclusion, the Encaustic Workshop in July was a fantastic opportunity to explore the ancient art of encaustics under the expert guidance of Ashley Ellis. It was a journey into creativity, self-expression, and the mesmerizing world of molten wax. The use of recommended art supplies ensured that participants had the best tools at their disposal, enhancing both the safety and quality of their artistic endeavors. Whether you were a novice or an experienced artist, this workshop was a chance to discover the endless possibilities of encaustic art.

For more information or to stay updated on future workshops, you can contact Ashley Ellis at Remember, the world of encaustic art is waiting for your creative touch, so dive in and start exploring!

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